Why was my ad rejected?

All ads are displayed in frames, so that at the top of the page we can display the bar with duration and the possibility of acceptance after seeing it. Unfortunately, some pages because of how they are written can not be displayed. If we accepted such an advertisement, it would display for the users as a blank white page

Check if the page can be displayed in frames for example here: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/free-iframe-checker

Go to this page, paste the link to the ad there and press "" 1. Check headers "". Then, if all subtitles are displayed in green, press "" 2. Check frame killer script "". If the page is displayed in a small window below, then everything should be fine. If it is not displayed, the subtitles are in red or go to another page, unfortunately we can not accept such an advertisement.

We also do not allow you to advertise our site or pages with content that we do not accept (for example: pornography, violence, drugs).

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