How can I generate a code on FutureAdpro?

To generate a code on FutureAdPro go to Business tab on your left menu and choose Codes section.

The code is being created from your FND Vouchers (Online account balance):
   1. Type a value of a code you want to create. Remember that a code can be used only to pay for something that costs the exact same value.
   2. According to the terms of FutureAdPro, 5% of code amount is being transferred to your FutureNet Upgrade account. The field Amount with fee shows total amount that will be deducted from your Account balance to create a code with a given value.
   3. Press Create button to confirm the code generation.

Once created, the system will generate a unique code number, which you can use by yourself or give to your friend.

FND vouchers received as remuneration can be used to create a code only three times per month - 7th, 17th and 27th.
FND vouchers that you bought can be used to create a code every day.

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