How can I secure my FutureAdPro account?

An important factor in account security is a use of adequate safety measures. 

First of all, we recommend you setting a strong login password consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, a number and a special character.
An additional security measure is two-step verification. Thanks to this option, a user can additionally secure its account and the content stored on it against unauthorized access. 

To set up two-step verification go to My profile on your left menu, choose Settings tab and scroll down to Security section.

You can activate two-step verification:
   - for logins
   - for redemptions.

There are two options to receive confirmation codes:
   - to your email address;
   - via Google Authenticator application.

To activate Google Authenticator on your FutureAdPro account:
   1. Go to My profile -> Settings;
   2. Press Set protection to open Google Authenticator Configuration page. 
   3. Follow the instructions to finish the OTP activation.

If you have any doubts how to set up OTP, there is also a manual “How to configure One Time Password” in English and Polish available for downloading on Google Authenticator Configuration page.

The important thing is to save an account key or QR code that were generated for you by application as it will allow you to access your account in case you changed or lose your phone.

Worth to mention that every platform - FutureNet, FutureAdPro, FuturoNetwork, FNWallet - has separate OTP configurations and the code is different for every account.

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