How can I buy an advertising package on FutureAdPro?

To buy an advertising package go to Advertising on your left menu and choose Buy AdPacks tab:

   1. Choose a type of AdPacks you want to buy - 50 FND Adpack or 10 FND Adpack.
   2. Choose one of the available payment methods.
   3. Choose a quantity of AdPacks to buy. 
        - Please note that You can buy maximum 100 Adpacks at once.
        - Remember also about maximum limits of Adpacks you can have in accordance with a your subscription.
   4. Amount to Pay field will show you the total value of your purchase.
   5. Press Buy Adpacks button to confirm the purchase.

In case of FND Vouchers received from remuneration, remember that this option is available every 7th, 17th and 27th day of every month. There is counter which informs when this option can be used.

In case of a FutureAdPro code, an important thing to remember is that a code value must be the same as Amount to Pay field value in Step 4.

In case of cryptocurrency transfer, the system will forward you to the page with all necessary payment details as an amount of coins and a unique wallet address the funds should be transferred to.

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