How to create an advertisement on the FutureAdPro platform?

To create your own advertisement on FutureAdPro go to Advertising section on your left menu and press Create Ad.

To create an ad, a distributor must complete the form with the following fields

   - advertisement title, 
   - advertisement text, 
   - URL - link to the website to promote, 
   - recipients setting (based on gender, age and country of origin),
   - the number of ads views allocated to the advertisement. Each time the advertisement is shown, one view is consumed.

Please note that all fields must be filled to create an advertisement.

The user can create an unlimited number of ads. Whether they will be displayed depends on the number of views assigned to each of them. 

Each ad before adding to the pool of active ads is additionally verified in terms of content by the staff responsible for the verification of advertisements. 
A properly verified advertisement will be randomly displayed to FutureAdPro users as one of ten to choose from.

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