How do I pair my FutureAdPro account with an account on CoinDeal/Darbfinance?

In order to secure FutureAdPro accounts and the content stored on them against unauthorized access, every account must be paired with CoinDeal or Darbfinance before requesting a redemption of FND vouchers.

   1. First, register an account at CoinDeal exchange / Darbfinance.
There is a video tutorial "How to make and verify a profile on CoinDeal" in the Marketing section in your FutureAdPro left menu.
When registering, please make sure that your personal data (first, last name and country) are identical to the data on your FutureAdPro account.

   2. Go to your FutureAdPro Personal Data page, press Pair the account and provide an email that you have used to register a CoinDeal/Darbfinance account.
Before pairing the accounts, please double check if all personal information on your FutureAdpro account is correct, as once paired, it could not be edited.

   3. Press Get token. The page will forward you to your CoinDeal/Darbfinance account, where a confirmation code is generated. Copy it and paste to the field Enter the code for paring

   4. Press Verify account. If the data is correct, the accounts will be synchronised automatically.

Verification procedure is being entirely performed on CoinDeal and Darbfinance (for countries not supported by CoinDeal). After the pairing, FutureAdPro account automatically becomes verified too.

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