How commissions for watching banners are being calculated?

You can earn up to 5 FND a week by watching ads in Banners App.

Commissions are being calculated and credited to your account in the end of every week.

Calculations are based on the pay-per-view advertising system.
The system automatically collects ad revenue and calculates how many banners have been viewed this week. Then, ad revenue is divided by the number of banner views, that's how we calculate the cost of 1 view. After that, the system multiplies the number of viewed banners by the cost of 1 view, resulting in your earnings per week.

For example:

 If the income for the entire ad campaign is $30000, and the number of viewed ads around the world is 10 million, then the price of 1 ad view will be 0.003 FND.
Multiply 0.003 FND by a number of your views (e.g. 1400) and you'll get 4.2 FND per week.

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